House Rules

Read our House Rules and acknowledge before your first scheduled shift.

We're not much for rules, in fact when it comes to design we like to break every single one, but we do believe there are certain ways to act and certain things to remember when working with our team, our clients, and each other.




Every crew member is required to report to work on time and to work until the end of his/her scheduled work shift. Late arrival, early departure or other absences from scheduled hours are disruptive and must be avoided. If for any reason you cannot report to work on time, you are required to notify your supervisor as far in advance as possible. Failure to notify your supervisor of your absence or tardiness may subject you to disciplinary action.


We're dedicated to providing our crew members with a healthy and safe working environment. To this extent, every crew member is expected to work diligently toward the maintenance of safe working conditions. We like to have fun but horseplay is prohibited. Take maximum care and good judgment to prevent accidents, and report unsafe conditions, equipment, or practices immediately upon their discovery to an immediate supervisor. 


All crew members are expected to be honest and respectful in dealings with their supervisor, clients, and one another. Communicate pleasantly and respectfully with one another at all times. Profanity is not allowed. 

Follow up on requests and questions promptly, and perform all duties in an orderly manner. Take great pride in your work and give your very best.


Dress Code

Appropriate attire, grooming and personal cleanliness standards are important as your an extension of our brand to clients, guests, and the public.



  • Plain all black t-shirts (with no logos or prints) are required.

  • Shorts and jeans are OK.

  • Plain all black hats are OK (with no logos or prints).

  • Closed-toe shoes are required.

  • No holes or excessively baggy attire.

  • No slippers or beach wear. 


  • Casual clothes, including shorts/jeans are OK.

  • Closed-toe shoes are required.

  • Hats are OK.

  • No holes or excessively baggy attire.

  • No slippers or beach wear.


Social Media

Content pertaining to sensitive company or client information must not be shared to the outside online community. Crew members are prohibited from posting media that divulges the design work, production processes, and internal operations, including references to clients or events for which you are hired. "Sneak peeks" and on-the-job photos/videos are prohibited at all times. However, social media posts of the finished product are allowed once the event is underway. 

Only those individuals officially designated by Curate have the authority to speak on behalf of the company. If you identify yourself as a crew member, however, people may confuse your opinions with those of the company. In order to avoid this problem you must make clear that you are writing for yourself and on your own behalf, and not for Curate.


Our clients entrust us with important information relating to their businesses and brand. You may not discuss, release, or disclose confidential information to any person who has not been authorized by Curate to receive or discuss the information with you (including family members).