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Why would I need a creative team?
Having a creative partner that has the knowledge and experience of similar projects, as well as the information and expertise for finding the best solutions you need to get the best result for your project, is priceless. Whether the scope of the project is large or small, the expertise and guidance of a creative team is invaluable and will help you move seamlessly and efficiently through the project. 

Why should I hire a creative team when some planners/coordinators already offer design assistance?
While some planners or coordinators may offer design advice and assistance, we believe having a creative team that's your dedicated partner to support you through the process is invaluable. Read our past blog post to determine if hiring a creative team is right for your project.

Do I have to use your team for all creative aspects of the project, or just as needed?
We can be brought on board as your creative partner for the entire project or we can work with you for specific needs, such as custom installations or building specialty decor elements. In fact, many clients bring us on board to create specific elements or custom installations for their project.

What's your agency's design style?
As creative professionals, we thrive on working with a variety of styles and don’t subscribe to just one particular design aesthetic. Rather, we work closely with you to uncover your preferences and project goals, and factor in the venue architecture, surroundings, and budget to help inform the overall design direction. 

Can I see samples of your work?
Definitely--our gallery has a variety of curated images and videos from past projects. You may also read our case studies for a deeper dive into past Corporate and Culture & Lifestyle projects, and Celebrations.


When will you be able to share a specific design plan or brainstorm creative ideas together?
We love talking about design, but before we begin any work or share specific ideas, including renderings and schematics, it's important we review the scope of your project and provide you the information to decide if we'd be a good fit. If you decide to secure us as your creative partner, we'll have you review and sign an Agreement and remit the Design Fee. From there, we'll then get started with a complete dive into the design process and can freely discuss specifics and brainstorm together. 

How can I make a decision to hire you if I don't know what the final design will actually look like?
We understand that hiring us as your creative team is an investment. Similar to hiring other service industry professionals, like an accountant or architect, we'll provide as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision--such as photos and videos of our past work. You can then determine if we'd be the right partner for your project.

How early should I book your services? 
While a good creative team can help at various stages of the process, it's most advantageous for you to begin work with a team at the earliest stages of the creative process. Many of our clients book us a couple of months to one year in advance of their project. We do our best to accommodate last minute projects, however this may limit the design options due to production timelines. We also limit the number of projects we can take on a specific date, so if our team has already been hired for another project, we may not be able to take on additional work.

If I have an event, are you on-site throughout the entire duration?
In general, unless there's a specific element that needs to be set up or managed once the event begins, our team will have left by the time the event starts, having turned things over to your hired coordinator, planner, or venue coordinator. Should additional services be needed during the event, we'd be available to stay for an additional fee.

What should I expect during the initial consultation?
During the complimentary one-hour initial consultation, we'll collect key information about your project to inform the overall direction of the creative process. Rather than focusing on brainstorming, sketching or designing during this meeting, we believe it's critical to spend this time getting to know you, your preliminary vision, and your objectives in order to create a design that meets your needs. The consultation also provides you an opportunity to get to know us and ask any questions you might have about our experience, process or background. 

What should I prepare for my initial consultation?
To ensure we have a productive consultation, we encourage clients to prepare the following items:

  • Objectives: identify the objectives of your project and any specific requirements.

  • Visual references: for certain projects, like celebrations or weddings, we invite you to share images or items that capture the feeling, colors, textures, and functionality of what you’re hoping to achieve. 

  • Budgets: rather than approach your project from a standpoint of how much you think it will cost, we've found it more effective to give thoughtful consideration to the maximum amount you’re comfortable investing in your project. Once you've determined your project budget, we’ll work with you to determine how best to allocate the funds and provide suggestions on how to maximize your budget while producing an excellent result. Not disclosing your project budget from the beginning may result in designs that are not within budget, prolong timelines, and potentially increase expenses.


What is your pricing structure?
Our pricing structure is organized into two distinct parts--first are our design fees and second for the materials and labor to execute the design. 

  • Design Fee: the Design Fee covers our services as your creative partner. This includes our time spent to conceptualize and refine the design, create renderings, explore options, and recommend the right solutions for your project.

  • Labor and Materials: this covers the materials and labor to bring the approved design to life. This can include elements like rentals, florals, custom installations, and the necessary labor to make it happen.

Some clients have a specific budget, and we can offer suggestions for staying within the budget. If you don't have a specific budget, we can also recommend a range for what things may realistically cost after we learn more about your project. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible on how we would allocate your budget to best meet your project goals. 

How much is your Design Fee?

Each project is unique and it's almost impossible to share a typical Design Fee without knowing the details of your project. Our Design Fee depends on a variety of factors including the type of project and the scope and range of services needed. As reference, we typically charge a flat amount for our Design Fee. However, certain projects may be billed at an hourly rate depending on the scope of work.


Ready to embark on your project? Give us a shout and see how we can be your creative partner and bring your vision to life.