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Addiction Horror Story

"Horror story" and "event design" aren't exactly two phrases that should be uttered in the same sentence, but when it comes to Halloween, it's the perfect pairing for a scary celebration. So when we were given the opportunity to design this year's Halloween event for the ADDICTION Nightclub at The Modern Honolulu hotel, we were pretty stoked to craft something with a dark and sinister edge.

Inspired by the "American Horror Story" television series, we designed elements to evoke an eerie atmosphere. Even more fitting, was that the newest season is titled "Hotel"--the perfect setting for the ADDICTION.

Main Entrance Mattress

To greet party-goers as they arrived, we fabricated a step and repeat made of a slashed mattress with a ghoulish body sewed inside. Red lighting helped accent the dimly lit entryway and set the tone for the evening. It was the perfect backdrop for folks to get into the Halloween spirit, and give a taste of the other spooky elements in the space (oh yea, it served as a pretty killer backdrop for the perfect selfie).

Suspended Spirits

In the main nightclub, we suspended bodies in the air wrapped in strait-jackets. To highlight the floating bodies, we illuminated them with red bulbs, which gave the effect of a blood stained ceiling--the ideal setting for guests to dance the night away beneath the levitating bodies.

We also incorporated opportunities for guests to share their experiences throughout the evening via social media by creating selfie zones inspired by past season of the "American Horror Story"-- Asylum.

Bloody Bar

Lastly, it wouldn't have been complete without adding a bit of horror to The Modern Honolulu's Lobby Bar, The Study. To infuse a bit of gore and spookiness, we incorporated decapitated body parts into their revolving bookcase and custom cut vinyl in the shape of dripped blood.

Mahalo to the ADDICTION Nightclub and The Modern Honolulu team for having us be a part of your horror story. We hope everyone enjoyed and reveled in the supernatural festivities of the evening.

Sweet dreams and happy Friday the 13th!

The 411 on Event Design


Ever wonder how some events seem to be so impeccably designed and executed that you wish you could re-live every second? The truth is there’s a whole lot of behind-the-scenes action and preparation, including an Event Design team and a talented group of professionals involved in every step of the way.

In fact, we often get asked what Event Design is, so we wanted to share our personal perspective on Event Design and our role as Event Designers.

What is Event Design?

In a nutshell, Event Design is the process of designing the look, feel and experience of your event, and Event Designers are the creative experts that bring that vision to life.

Traditionally, the role of designing an event could come from a variety of people—from party planners to event coordinators, to your friends and family who have ideas about how to decorate your event. But it’s the goal (and responsibility) of an Event Designer to pull all the creative elements together to develop a cohesive design and experience for your guests. Designing an event can include a variety of activities, such as developing an overall design concept or theme; identifying a color palette; sourcing the ideal décor elements; or pulling together an expert team of vendors to make it all happen.

Just like some people may hire an Interior Designer to help design their home or work with a Fashion Stylist to pull together a cohesive wardrobe, Event Designers also provide a focused role. 

Event Designers or Event Planners--what's right for me?


Another common question we receive is around the difference between Event Designers and Event Planners. While some Event Planners focus solely on coordinating the logistics of an event, other planners and coordinators may also provide concepts and direction around decor. However, Event Designers take a targeted approach from a creative point-of-view and it’s their sole responsibility to ensure every aspect of the décor, design and experience is thought through, tested, and executed flawlessly. This often includes multiple design iterations, creating renderings, sourcing, and producing custom elements; not to mention working with other event experts, such as caterers, musicians, to florists and even event planners and coordinators to bring your event to life. This is huge advantage because Event Designers pull in the right teams to execute the creative vision and manage the production, logistics, and design budgets to ensure the details of your event are thought out.

No two events (or clients) are alike, so determining whether to hire an Event Planner, Event Designer or both, is a pretty personal decision, and depends on what’s most important to you. Our clients look to us as Event Designers for our creative expertise , knowledge, and 40+ years of combined experience to design out-of-the-box ideas that’s tailored to their event. 

When Should I Hire an Event Designer?


Event Designers can be brought in at any stage of the event planning process, but like most things, the earlier the better (yup, no good comes from procrastinating!). We like to think of ourselves as your creative partner and having an Event Design team early on in the game ensures you've got an expert set of design professionals considering all the decor and design elements.

Like many Event Designers, we have the expertise and experience to help design a variety of events--from Corporate galas; to social events like fashion shows and expos; to weddings, birthdays and dinner parties. Check out our Services page to learn more about our capabilities and offerings.

We hope this helps shed some light on Event Design and how Event Designers can be your dedicated creative partner to help craft the design, décor, and experience of your event. Have more questions or want to learn more? Give us a shout or leave a comment below!

Event Designer

Addiction Horror Story

Addiction Horror Story

Find out how we transformed the ADDICTION Nightclub and The Study into a horror story.

The 411 on Event Design

The 411 on Event Design

Learn more about Event Design and how Event Designers can be your dedicated creative partner to help craft the design, décor, and experience of your event.

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