Playtime in Paris

We find inspiration in every interaction, and we can't deny that our travels seem to serve up inspiration overload. This past February, we got to hang out for a couple of weeks in the city of lights, Paris. Known for it's classic architecture, iconic monuments, and undeniable Parisian style, we were thrilled to be back to explore and immerse ourselves into the rich culture.

One highlight of the trip was a visit to the famed Four Seasons Hotel George V. This 8-storey landmark built in 1928 is a striking blend of classic and new--from its curated collection of 18th century wares and modern floral installations by acclaimed artistic director, Jeff Leatham. We're fans of Jeff's work and love the modern voice he infuses into the historic property. 

We especially loved his current presentation, which included a frozen rose installation, a gigantic faceted polar bear, and impactful floral displays in rich red hues. 

Melting our hearts

Parisians have it down when it comes to first impressions, and the Four Seasons Hotel George V did not disappoint. The striking red roses were a bold focal point upon entry into the hotel lobby. With lush bouquets of red roses in dramatic black vessels, the sight was breathtaking against a sea of ornate moulding. A few steps away, we were instantly in awe of two huge chillers over 10 feet high, with roses frozen within massive blocks of ice. A pretty cool tongue-and-cheek installation given the Valentine's holiday. 

Don't feed the animals

The last thing one would expect in a 1928 landmark is a towering polar bear playfully sitting in their courtyard. With its mirrored surface and faceted construction, the piece was a beautiful work of art. We loved Jeff's previous animal creations, such as his golden reindeers during the holiday season, so we were thrilled to see one of these guys up close.

Flower power

Last but not least, we were treated with two gorgeous floral installations within the interior wings of the hotel. We especially love the symmetry and simplicity of the first collection, in contrast to the lush and dense design of the second collection.

Jeff's playful and artistic pieces are definitely incredible to see on social media, but even more amazing to experience it in person. To Jeff and the Four Seasons, MERCI BEAUCOUP for the inspiration!