Disco Ballin At The Addiction Nightclub

Mention the word Halloween and immediately images of zombies, vampires, and gremlins pop into our heads (not to mention the occasional provocative version of the cop, firefighter and doctor). So when we were asked by the rockstar crew of The Addiction Nightclub to help design a Halloween experience for their party-goers inspired by the disco era of Studio 54, we were beyond thrilled. What made this project even more special was that the mastermind, co-owner and co-founder of Studio 54, Ian Schrager, was the designer of The Modern Honolulu--the site of The Addiction Nightclub.

To help bring this experience to life, aptly named "Addiction 54," we took inspiration from the disco ball--the ideal piece to represent the guilded and glamorous excess of this era. Part of what makes The Addiction such a striking venue are the hundreds of bulbs suspended from the ceiling. To complement this gorgeous feature of the property, we hung two oversized disco balls and wrapped columns in metallic fabric to mimic a melted disco-ball (the perfect accent and texture to evoke the Halloween spirit). The fabric was hand-cut and mounted from the top of each column surrounding the dance floor. 

Of course, it wouldn't be Halloween without pumpkins so we embellished an assortment of pumpkins with layers of sequin, glitter, and silver metallic paint. These hand-crafted pieces were positioned behind the bar mixed with miniature disco balls and Grey Goose bottles-- the evening's sponsor. We also hallowed out extra large pumpkins, added an inner-lining and sprayed each one in metallic silver paint to serve as ice-buckets for their VIP guests.  

To continue the experience throughout the space, we also affixed black metallic fabric in the same disco-tile pattern in their washroom area, and designed an oversized Addiction 54 logo to install in their VIP alcove.

We hope everyone had a blast this Halloween and had a chance to revel in fantasy, a little glamour, and of course soak up sweets.