Last week we had the opportunity to participate in HI Design Commune-- an event showcasing designers from various fields such as fashion, jewelry and accessories, visual arts, decor, graphic design, merchandising, and product design. Held at the Agora in Kakaako, this event was part of their "June Kaboom" series, which offered a month of free public arts programs to celebrate Agora's anniversary. HI Design Commune provided a unique experience where guests could peruse and shop a variety of collections and purchase pieces made by local designers. The evening also included a fashion show styled by Reise Kochi, fashion designer and organizer of the event, utilizing key pieces from each of the designers. 

When approached by Reise Kochi, to create an installation and design racks for the fashion designers' garments, we were excited to participate in an event that showcased and embraced creativity from a variety of disciplines. With an open canvas to design these elements, we conceptualized a series of functional floating racks that would highlight the designers' collections while creating a compelling visual element in the space.

The custom designed racks were built with piping and suspended from the 22' ceilings with aircraft cable to complement the soaring ceilings of the venue. We then attached black yarn in clean linear rows as a nod to the various design disciplines weaving together. The rows of yarn were angled and came together in a single point to create visual interest and focus guests eyes onto each of the designers' collection. We also utilized a clean and neutral color palette of black to allow the product collections to be the main hero in the composition.

The installation took over 16 hours to install in the space and incorporated over 6,000 yards of yarn, individually attached to each rack. A scissor-lift was used to attach the rack fixture to the building's ceiling.  

We had an absolute blast designing, producing, and installing this piece and met a variety of talented local designers. A huge congrats to everyone who participated and a special mahalo to Reise Kochi and the Agora team for their support. You guys are amazing!