Addiction Horror Story

"Horror story" and "event design" aren't exactly two phrases that should be uttered in the same sentence, but when it comes to Halloween, it's the perfect pairing for a scary celebration. So when we were given the opportunity to design this year's Halloween event for the ADDICTION Nightclub at The Modern Honolulu hotel, we were pretty stoked to craft something with a dark and sinister edge.

Inspired by the "American Horror Story" television series, we designed elements to evoke an eerie atmosphere. Even more fitting, was that the newest season is titled "Hotel"--the perfect setting for the ADDICTION.

Main Entrance Mattress

To greet party-goers as they arrived, we fabricated a step and repeat made of a slashed mattress with a ghoulish body sewed inside. Red lighting helped accent the dimly lit entryway and set the tone for the evening. It was the perfect backdrop for folks to get into the Halloween spirit, and give a taste of the other spooky elements in the space (oh yea, it served as a pretty killer backdrop for the perfect selfie).

Suspended Spirits

In the main nightclub, we suspended bodies in the air wrapped in strait-jackets. To highlight the floating bodies, we illuminated them with red bulbs, which gave the effect of a blood stained ceiling--the ideal setting for guests to dance the night away beneath the levitating bodies.

We also incorporated opportunities for guests to share their experiences throughout the evening via social media by creating selfie zones inspired by past season of the "American Horror Story"-- Asylum.

Bloody Bar

Lastly, it wouldn't have been complete without adding a bit of horror to The Modern Honolulu's Lobby Bar, The Study. To infuse a bit of gore and spookiness, we incorporated decapitated body parts into their revolving bookcase and custom cut vinyl in the shape of dripped blood.

Mahalo to the ADDICTION Nightclub and The Modern Honolulu team for having us be a part of your horror story. We hope everyone enjoyed and reveled in the supernatural festivities of the evening.

Sweet dreams and happy Friday the 13th!