A few months ago, we had the privilege to create an oversized mural for Art + Flea's March theme-- 8-Bit. If you haven't yet attended one of their events, Art + Flea is a monthly urban market that allows artists and local brands to connect and showcase their wares and services, and we love supporting their mission of fostering creativity and talent within our community. 

We were also thrilled to discover that the Tetris Holding Company (the exclusive licensee of Tetris Holding LLC, the company that owns Tetris rights worldwide) is based in Hawaii, and participated as a sponsor. This was the perfect jumping-off point for our design concept and served as the inspiration for our installation.

To showcase the 8-bit theme, we cladded their walls with hundreds of squares in Tetris-shaped blocks. Each piece consisted of 5 1/2" hand-cut paper squares using the event's color palette of red, blue, orange and yellow. The bold and primary colors created a fresh + fun look, perfect for the lively atmosphere.

As part of the design, individual pieces were also laid out in a specific pattern to spell out the ART + FLEA wordmark and their logo. Spanning approximately 85 linear feet on their second floor, it took over four-days on scaffolding to install 1,563 individually hand-mounted paper squares. Each colored block was meticulously positioned to mimic the various Tetris shapes. Check out this time lapse video of the installation.

Of course, it wouldn't be an 8-bit celebration without some gaming action, so we were pretty excited to see the Tetris-crew set up a gaming room where folks had the opportunity to come together and play the iconic game.  

Thanks to the Art + Flea team for the opportunity to deck out their walls, and a HUGE mahalo to all the folks who helped during the installation process.