All Smiles

Thailand is referred to as the land of a thousand smiles and our recent trip to Thailand was full of genuine hospitality and warmth, reminiscent of Hawaii's aloha spirit. As a melting pot of cultures and tourism, our state is no stranger to destination weddings. So when we travel to new locations we're eager to learn about how couples from other cities, countries and cultures celebrate their special day.

There are several different types and elements of a traditional Thai wedding and here's a few of what we learned on our trip:

  • Flower garlands: flower garlands are worn by the couple and symbolize the fragrance of marriage and the beauty of life. 
  • Water ceremony: Thai tradition where water is poured over each of the couple's hands to symbolize the two becoming one.
  • Monk blessing: blessings and prayers by a buddhist monk for the couple's union. 
  • Sin Sod: ancient dowry tradition meant to strengthen family bonds and maintain financial stability. Although the cultural tradition persists to this day, part of the money is sometimes returned to the couple after the wedding to help them start their new life together.

During our travels, we had the privilege to take an inside peek at how one property, the Hansar Bangkok, is infusing a modern twist to a traditional Thai wedding, and leveraging the site's architecture as an impactful setting for their events. 

The Hansar Bangkok is a boutique all-suite property located in the heart of Bangkok and incorporates a great balance of modern lines and organic textures--one of our design philosophies as well. 

The sleek design of the hotel, layered with luxurious materials and warm wood tones provide the perfect canvas for a gorgeous wedding. 

And of course the penthouse, with their oversized chandelier, is so fitting for a swanky cocktail reception or lounge.

We especially love their outdoor space, which overlooks the city skyline--perfect for an open-air ceremony and reception. The space also featured a circular bar with an oversized canopy, which can also illuminate as the sun goes down ( that's a space ready for a party).

We hope your travels and the local cultures you come across inspire you for your next event! 

Mahalo and khob khun ka to Nina and staff for your hospitality and showing us around the Hansar!