Ain't Nothing But a "G" Thing

And by "G-Thing," we mean "Green."

In my past life, I worked at a design firm that published an annual market trends report, including color direction and how these colors would translate across brands. So when Pantone announced green (well, Emerald 17-5641, to be exact) as the color of the year, it was exciting to see how this hue would permeate the event + design world.

Truth is, we love mixing greenery in fun and unexpected ways to incorporate an organic element into the environments we design. And green has been a staple in the event and design industry long before Pantone's announcement, and one of the many reason's we added boxwood into our collection. Our boxwood panels are one way to liven up your event, and we love using them as backdrops or in custom creative installations. 

And seems like we're not the only one's digging this treatment. We're loving the use of boxwood by some of these top brands in their events:

Photo credits (top to bottom):   Pantone  ,   Architectural Digest

Photo credits (top to bottom): PantoneArchitectural Digest

So the next time you're thinking about colors and how to introduce a dramatic element into your event space, don't forget the color of the year-- Green!