Green is Good

Hawaii is known for its lush and tropical landscape, but we love incorporating other organic elements, such as shrubs and foliage, in our designs to make a statement. We’re especially fond of topiaries and are the first rental company in Hawaii to carry these tailored pieces.

Topiary is the art of clipping the foliage of trees and shrubs to develop and maintain defined patterns or shapes. There’s something about taking raw and organic materials and manipulating them into works of art. 

Just ask Edward Scissorhands (aka Mr. Depp)-- for you movie buffs, you'll recall the artistic creations he created throughout the movie. Looking good, Edward!

Long before Edward Scissorhands sculpted his garden of awesomeness, the ancient Romans were crafting elaborate topiaries. In fact, the word topiary comes from the Latin word for landscape gardener, “topiarus.” Since these talented gardeners were responsible for maintaining the living sculptures, the plants were dubbed topiaries. Pretty cool to have something named after you! 

But topiaries aren't just pieces from our past. Check out a few topiaries we recently spotted:

Topiaries add sophistication and elegance to any environment, including event venues. Here are a few tips on how our topiaries can enhance your event:

  • Accent key architectural features
  • Soften spaces with its natural textures
  • Highlight and frame key focal areas or pathways
  • Incorporate foliage in spaces that lack greenery
  • Add a burst of color

How would you use our topiaries?

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