The "IT" Factor

Wondering what's so special about the Louis Ghost Chair?

We're passionate about design, and part of that love comes from appreciating all the elements that go into creating a work of art—from its history, to construction, and overall aesthetic. 

So here's a little look into why we feel the Ghost Chair is such an amazing piece that definitely has that "IT" Factor.

The man himself--Mr. Philippe Starck

The man himself--Mr. Philippe Starck

The Louis Ghost Chair is an iconic piece in the design world. With over 1.5 million pieces sold, it's the most widely sold design chair in the world (...that's a whole-lotta chairs!). It was created 10 years ago by designer Philippe Stark for the Italian-based furniture, accessory, and lighting company, Kartell.

Named after King Louis XVI, the Louis Ghost Chair is a modern take on the Louis XVI style of furniture that was oh-so-chic during it's time ( be exact). 

King Louis XVI and a classic Louis XVI chair

King Louis XVI and a classic Louis XVI chair

Here's a cliff-notes version of what that era of furniture and design actually looks like (aka Neoclassical style):

  • Straight legs
  • Simple and symmetrical forms (oval, rectangle, square)
  • Influenced by Greek and Roman architecture

What makes this modern interpretation more impactful is the material used to construct this piece: transparent polycarbonate. What's polycarbonate, you say? We'll leave that to another blog post because it's some pretty cool stuff. ;)

In case you were wondering, the term "ghost chair" actually refers to an entire product line, which consists of the Louis, Victoria, Lou Lou, and Charles (that's a good looking family, if you ask us!). Of these four products, the Louis Ghost Chair is the "flagship" chair of this line.

We hope this post sheds some light on this iconic chair and allows you to appreciate it's beauty, architecture, and history!

We're definitely thrilled to be the first rental company to introduce the Louis Ghost Chair, inspired from Starck's original design, to the islands. And if your interested in renting our chairs for an upcoming event (or to chit-chat about design), just give us a ring or send us a note—we'd love to chat more!

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