Sneak Peek

If you’re like 99.9% of people, you want to be in the know. And while our website is in the works, we figured you may be curious to find out a little more about CURATE Décor + Design. So here’s a few highlights...

  • We craft experiences, and our clients seem to think we do it really well
  • Our secret sauce consists of statement décor and impactful design, tailored perfectly for your event 
  • We’ve hand-selected some pretty spectacular furniture and décor pieces to offer Hawaii specialty items that aren’t easily available on the island
  • We design for you, and that means we distill the vision for your event and bring it to life with well curated pieces

We’re really thrilled to join the other talented experts on the island and are looking forward to meeting some awesome people like you. So give us a shout as we're ready to deliver amazing designs and décor for your event.

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CURATE decor + design