Chris Salazar

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Chris Salazar

Chris is our go-to business guru, social media junkie, and brand aficionado. 

Leveraging his expertise in a variety of industries, from an international branding and design firm to co-founding an interior styling studio, Chris drives the agency's business affairs and brand efforts. 

In past roles, he's led large-scale initiatives and created engaging communication campaigns for a global entertainment company, working alongside an impressive list of talented designers and creative minds. He's a natural at building relationships and has project managed an array of corporate initiatives— leading global teams and spearheading the process from start to finish. 

Whether he's reviewing agreements, analyzing industry trends, or designing the next marketing campaign, Chris delivers a seamless experience for each project. 

When he's not balancing budgets or crafting our tweets and awesome blog posts, you'll find Chris scouring the interwebs for the latest lifestyle trends, jetsetting to his hometown of San Francisco, or finding his way to new restaurants in his quest for the perfect mojito concoction.

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