Abner Aquino

About | Partner - Chief Curator

Abner Aquino

As the creative mastermind behind Curate, Abner possesses an innate ability to bring his artistic concepts to life— in fact, we're pretty sure he designs in his sleep.

Abner leads the creative, client, and production processes for the agency, crafting impressive designs and working with the team to bring each element to life. Combined with his local roots and worldwide exposure, he approaches each project with a thoughtful and authentic perspective, while pushing the creative boundaries for each project. 

Abner brings almost two decades of experience to the table, which includes founding his San Francisco-based interior styling studio as well as being an integral part of creative teams for some of the world's coolest brands. 

In previous roles, he's led teams across the globe to create compelling brand spaces, impactful product presentations, and striking retail environments— you may have already set foot in some of the spaces he's previously worked on.

When Abner's not conceptualizing the next big project, you'll find him exploring furniture and design showrooms, seeking out innovative hotels, retailers and restaurants, and likely getting his hands on sugary confections, chocolate-covered treats, and all things delicious.

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